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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hair, Inzamam, BCCI & ICC: This ain't cricket

A round ball was Oval-ized a few days back..no one knows for sure who tampered with the rotundess - and funnily enough two very-round guys were in the middle ( plenty of it ) of the controversy !
But guess who comes out of it with mud on its face - the ICC !! It's amazing how it does it time and again. It has probably done it to appease the cash-rich Asian Cricket Boards, but the BCCI has now done an about-turn. May Allah shower some mercy on ICC. Only he can guarantee it a "Safe and Secure" exit out of this tampered controversy.

For more on BCCI and ball-tampering, read this Cricinfo.com column


superstar said...

life just a good

Hiren said...

There has always been some racial bias but fortunately because of nature's balancing act, they have to be subservient some what to the Asian boards because of being cash rich.