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Monday, September 03, 2007

Watch Live Streaming Cricket - Twenty20 World Cup

live streaming cricket
While you can also use the previous post on Live Streaming Cricket which I had put up during the previous India-England ODI series, here is an update on sites where you can watch live streaming videos of the Twenty20 World Cup which starts with the South-Africa West Indies match at Johannesburg on September 11th 2007.

Before we go into the discussion on sites where you can watch live cricket, let me give you the caution:

With the ICC not sanctioning any official sites for live webcasting of cricket matches, this is largely an unorganized sector. Some of them may be ‘illegal’ and please be careful while paying for the sites. Do some cross-checking if possible. Also please see if you won’t get into legal trouble depending on your country of residence.

The Desikotha Network: This appears to be a Bangladesh site with the byline “Voice of the Bangladesh People”. So those of you who understand Hindi please don’t get ideas because of the word ‘kotha’ in the name. Kotha in Bangla simply means a ‘tale’ or ‘story’.

This guys claim to have beamed the ODI World Cup action live here and are planning to repeat it for the Twenty20 World Cup. The plan here is to have 2 sopcast channels for the cricket action – one sopcast for the low bandwith users and the other a high quality sopcast.

Is it paid? Yes and no. If you want it for free you will have to actively participate in their forums, else you can pay and watch.

Package Charges: 12 $ / 24 $ for the entire duration (26 games)

Willow.TV : They are currently obsessed with the India-England series and there is absolutely no mention of the Twenty20 Cup. But this is one place you should check out before anything else. Of all the places I checked this one is the one which looked ‘non-shoddy’. WillowTV also provides features on-demand cricket highlights and on-demand replays.

Daru Chini: Another place where I could see words like ‘cricket sopcast’ and ‘live cricket’. Nothing concrete but you could check it out. Especially if you are in an area where you don’t get WillowTV

Action8Cricket: Figure it out for yourself, but as you can see it is a dedicated cricket site.

For highlights of Twenty20 World Cup matches (and video recordings) please check with the same sites listed here and on the main live streaming cricket post.

This blog is in no way connected with any of the above mentioned sites. This article is just meant to be a guide to cricket fans who live in US, Canada or other places where they are not able to watch cricket live on their TV. We shall in no way be responsible for any monetary or non-monetary losses that may result out of your choosing to use the services of this sites.

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