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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fastest way to check cricket scores on the net

You may have figured this out by now - that CricInfo or whichever other site you had been using earlier to check live cricket scores is no longer the fastest way to check the score. In case you haven't - the thonour for that goes to who else but GOOGLE.

Get Instantaneous Live Cricket Scores on Google

All you need to do is type Cricket in your Google search box and there it is on the very top - live cricket scores. Cricinfo definitely takes more time to upload than Google and even then you don't get it on the home page; you need to click at least once more. A smart Google way to wean away some traffic away from the cricket sites to itself.


Ottayan said...

Thanks for the tip.

Uncle J rod said...

cric info taking a while to load, what do you mean. I signed in 12 mintues ago and ive almost got some scores up.

Amit Bajaj said...

Dear Ottayan..thanks for the thanks. And Uncle Rod..that tip was not for you..its for lesser mortals like Ottayan and me. Keep scoring!