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Monday, November 06, 2006

the banished king and a destroyed pauper

Australia - The Commonwealth Bank and Cricket Australia, today announced the Bank will become the major sponsor of the world’s leading one-day cricket team and best one-day competition for the next three years.
The one-day competition will be known as the ‘Commonwealth Bank Series’ and the Australian team known as the ‘Commonwealth Bank one-day international team’.
2nd November - Media Release ( Commonwealth Bank)
  • Pakistan - With the Captain suspended, fast bowlers banned, the Vice captain refusing to be a dummy captain, fringe bowlers ineligible because of suspect actions, some players injured and others due to be dropped shortly, its probably only a matter of time before the Pakistan XI resembles a Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited International XI at some point.
So when do we get to see the mouthwatering spine-tingling match-up between Commonwealth Bank One day International All stars XI and Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited One Day International All Stars XI ?


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Amit Bajaj said...

like your choice for the name of the bank...a more conservative me would have settled for the more popular Habib Bank !!

omarhaq said...

What's this post from Dennis?

Yeah - Crazy life these daysin Pakistan cricket...

though commonwealth australia?
thats just stupid.

We're going to have a real tough time in the next couple of months against the West Indies and South Africa.

Batting is going well, though bowling is toothless. Shabbir Ahmed, as you know, is returning from his ban. LEts hope he doesn't get called for throwing again. I think he was pretty good while he lasted.

Amit Bajaj said...

don't know what's wrong with Australia...they seem to have lost it. did u read tim de lisle's piece on cricinfo - "australia sell a piece of their soul"?

if anything like this had happened in india or pak, you can well imagine what would have happened - effigies being burnt and what not!!