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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kolkata Knight Riders New Purple Jersey: IPL 2010

The Shahrukh Khan co-owned Kolkata Knight Riders team has not had a very happy time in the two previous editions of the IPL. While they have during both the previous IPLs been the most talked about team, thanks to the star power of SRK and the controversies around Ganguly, their ex-coach John Buchanan and the multiple-captain theory, their performance on the cricket field has not been much to speak about.

Probably that's what has triggered the team management to go for a change of colours. For IPL 2010, the Kolkata Knight Riders are all set to come out in a new colour: PURPLE. Yes, the KKR team have decided to shed their 'gold and black' coloured jerseys and go for 'purple' - probably expecting that the new colour will bring them better luck.

Let's hope that the Purple Knights will do better in IPL 2010. All the best, SRK and Dada!

1 comment:

Dr Gaf said...

Purple! - not convinced that will change their fortunes.