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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Half-Monty, Twelve & Thirteen

Punter Ponting had forecasted that it would be Symond's match.....

At 172/4, with Andrew Symonds's cricket bat in full swing, the Australian captain would have thought that he had put his dollars at the right place. And why not, Symonds was on 26 off just 30 balls. Poor Monty had already been clobbered for two huge 6's in a space of 3 balls, with Symonds also showing his defensive skills in the delivery in-between. It's funny then, how dramatically the script changed, and how wrong Punter was!

Well, it actually turned out to be Poor Monty's match!! That he had just finished his unluckiest overs was a factor the Australians forgot to factor in! Now, the Englishmen find the number 13 unlucky and Sikhs despise the dozen. Monty Panesar happens to be both - once through with his 12th and 13th overs, Monty struck, and struck big time. In the very next over, he dashed Punter's gargantuan hopes. In his next (15th), he struck again - Gilly gobbled up and Monty on fire. Four overs later, the new-kid-on-the-spin bamboozled the original master and before he hit the scare of the double dozen, Monty trapped Lee in his 23rd over to complete his Half-Monty. ( 5/92 )

Harmison and Hoggard decimated the remaining half of Australian cricket and from here, it's upto the English willows to deliver the goodies . 2-1 will be an ideal scoreline to enter the Boxing Day Test with....it's good fun jumpin' the gun sometimes na?


Ananth said...

poor monty got punter the king's neck didnt he? punter should be choking now. come on monty paaji dont let go of punter's neck.

teach those racist cheapsters a lesson they will never forget.

Amit Bajaj said...

boy..those are strong remarks..aren't they? i don't disagree with you though!! but i wish nobody would do such things so that you don't have to make a remark like that again...cricket is a beautiful game..and a gentleman's too..let's try and keep it like that.

Abhigyan said...

well the pommie batsman have ensured that the match is swinging back to the punter right..(reporting at lunch time)..

and seems our prediction of pathan opening has been scuttled by vegsarkar...god holds on..

Amit Bajaj said...

what the pommie batsmen coudn't ensure, the punter himself has..end of my hopes for a live boxing day, i guess