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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Former Cricketer Maninder Singh arrested with 1.5 kg Cocaine

Maninder Singh, former India test cricketer
In a shocking and surprising incident, ex-India test cricketer, Maninder Singh was arrested in Preet Vihar, Delhi on charges of storing cocaine. About 1.5 kilograms of the banned substance was found at his Preet Vihar place. Maninder Singh is being currently interrogated at the Shakarpur Police station, near Preet Vihar. The former cricketer stays in a small colony called Mausam Vihar, in the Preet Vihar area, alongwith his mother. He was caught when a person of Nigerian nationality had come to deliver the banned stuff to his place.

Since i first wrote, the news channels have made quite a few changes in their story. For one, the quantity of cocaine has dropped by 1/1000th - now it's just 1.5 grams. To go with the new weight, Maninder is no more being accused of storing the substance, but of drug abuse himself. Sorry.


Homer said...

is it grammes or kilograms?

Amit Bajaj said...

Kilograms. What confuses things a bit is that the Nigerian peddler, Sam brought in 1.5 grams.

Homer said...

Cricinfo is reporting grammes. And why would the peddler bring in 1.5 grammes?

Now I am totally confused :)

Amit Bajaj said...

You may be right actually...the news channels seem to have reduced the quantity now by 1/1000th.

Amit Bajaj said...

I am not on the crime scene myself, though i am actually less than 2 miles away! Am just depending on other media, some of which are changing their version every hour. That's the problem with 'breaking news'. My apologies for the mis-reporting.

Homer said...

not your fault Amit.. thanks for bringing this to general notice in the first place..