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Thursday, May 03, 2007

India media missing Greg Chappell

former indian cricket coach, greg chappell at the netsThe Indian team, beaten and bruised, more by the board and fans than cricket is now stationed in Kolkata, where the conditioning camp and pre-tour practise for the Bangladesh trip is happening under the guidance of manager Ravi Shastri and new coaches Robin Singh and Venkatesh Prasad.

It's been a couple of days only, but you pick up any (Indian) newspaper or TV channel, and they are all ranting about the good old days, when the camps had more zing about them. These same guys, who could never stop blaming Chappell for every ill afflicting Indian cricket are suddenly getting nostalgic about the Aussie: How the camps were more lively under Chappell, the players more enthused and the nets looked more meaningful !!!


Homer said...

lol :)

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Amit Bajaj said...

that's what makes it the more interesting, i guess :), and of course cricket crazy guys like are fed with our dose of cricket-fodder.

Anonymous said...

Wots up with this media guys ? R they crazy ? Seems they have a big hole in their back, which prevents them from being steadyfast on one stand they take. And today TOI said how good Ian Fraser was, whereas few days back it said he was the 1 responsible for Pathan s woes....WTF!!!

Amit Bajaj said...

These guys have stopped behaving like an organisation completely..sad to see reputed media houses like Benett Coleman going this way. Don't know if there is any strict editorial policy/stand...its that every reporter is singing his own tune..and as long as it looks potentially saleable its fine. Still, the print media is better off compared to the rest of the world.