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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pictures of Matt Prior's wife sitting on Allen Stanford's laps -

Imagine Mrs Dhoni sitting on IPL chief Lalit Modi's lap! Thankfully Mrs Dhoni is still an imaginary being, and Modi is not Stanford. Else you could be guaranteed a milion non-stop videos of that on India TV and the many other idiotic news channels. But the T20 for 20 is real and so is Mrs Matt Prior, and Allen Stanford did manage to get the wife of the English wicket keeper on his lap, during a T20 for 20 match in Antigua.

Wife of English cricketer Matt Prior sitting on Allen Stanford's lapsYes, that indeed is the Texan Billionaire Allen Stanford with Matt Prior's wife on his lap and surrounded by the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of the English cricketers who are in Antigua for the T20 for 20 million $ Cricket Super Series. Imagine the shock of Matt Prior, Kevin Pietersen and other English cricketers when they saw this images being flashed live on the screen in the ground.

Stanford has since personally apologised to the English players, saying he was unaware they were the English cricketers' WAGs. "The girl who was stood up plopped down on my knee. I did not put her on my knee or sit here on my lap, she just plopped down. It was strictly an innocent thing. I apologised to Matt and to Kevin (Pietersen, the England captain)," he said.


Mayoite said...
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Mayoite said...

Nobody in that photo looks unhappy at what is happening. Sir Allen is getting his kicks from having a pretty little blonde in a short black dress squirming around on his lap and is grinning like the cat that got the cream. Emily Prior is having a good time with a charming older man paying her special attention - she is probably starved of it given that her man Matt is totally focussed on the cricket. Don't forget that it must be pretty flattering for her to turn him on like that.......maybe more than she is willing to admit. And the other sexy WAGs are obviously laughing like hell and egging them on, wondering when their turn is likely to come.

Wonder what the fuss is all about ??!!