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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Allan Stanford charged of fraud in US

T20 Cricket Tycoon and Texan Billionaire Allen Stanford is in the midst of another controversy. Barely had the murmur over his "lap sitting with Matt Prior's wife and other English Cricketers' WAGs" subsided, here's the big one.
Reports coming in say that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States are investigating a fraud case against Allen Stanford which could be of massive proportions. It is being alleged by the SEC that Stanford and his crony of close friends may have lied making false promises and manipulating historical data to cheat potential investors.
The English Cricket Board which has already taken a lot of flak for its dealing with Allen Stanford has been quick to distance itself from the billionaire, saying it is suspending any further negotiations with Stanford pending the results of the investigation.
It's almost crazy now the amount of off-field controversy that the game of cricket seems to keep getting shrouded in.
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Anonymous said...

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Cricket Rules said...

I read about this Allen Stanford controversy in my local paper the other day. It seems he is quite prone to scandals such as this.