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Monday, February 26, 2007

Cricket Dollars for Pakistan

Did the PCB get a whiff of the secret Cricket meet in Kolkata, or what? ( the one i discussed yesterday in my post titled "Cricket worth...") The Pakistan Cricket Board has announced a whopping bonus of US $ 1.2 millions for the Pakistan team, should they win the World Cup. That works out to a cool 84,000 $ for each player. (almost 5 million Pakistani Rupees). Even if they make it to the semis, each Pakistani cricketer stands to earn a bonus of 42,000 $. Some money, that!!
Actually the net expense of the PCB won't be much if they just look at the odds that are available on Pakistan. Bookies are offering odds of upto 14 on Pakistan taking home the World Cup. So all that the mandarins at PCB need to do is take a risk of about 100,000 $. That shouldn't be too much for them.

1 comment:

omar said...

that would be amusing if the PCB bet on their own team

if they were to bet, the likely scenario would be that they would bet against our team! haha