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Thursday, February 08, 2007

India vs Sri Lanka / Cricket Selectors

Saurav Ganguly is back with a bang, and India plays cricket today in his backyard today at the famous Eden Gardens... a mouth-watering prospect for Ganguly fans like me.
Latest media reports suggest that Irfan Pathan & Yuvraj Singh are unlikely to play today on account of a sore shoulder and a stiff back respectively. In an ideal world, neither should expect to be an automatic selection for the world cup..one was dropped from the team for acute lack of bowling form and has done nothing since then to merit a call for the world cup, the other has been out of the team due to injury for a long time now, and it's not always easy to make a swift comeback. ...and post this match, Vengsarkar & co. get just one more chance before they need to decide the final Indian 15 for cricket's mega show in the caribbean.
It'd be an interesting wait-n-watch this one. Starting from the 1987 Cricket World Cup ( don't remember much before that), I don't think the selectors would have ever had such a problem as far as World Cup selections are concerned. A core 12 would have always been beyond doubt - all that the selectors needed to rack their brains about was about the bench warmers, people like sanjay bangar and parthiv patel. This time it's going to be a tougher one though..let's see how the colonel performs.
India vs Sri Lanka, Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Thursday, 8th February 2007
Match live on Neo-sports from 1:00 pm (including pre-match nonsense) and on Doordarshan from 2:30 pm IST


Anonymous said...

well it seems as if all this news about Irfan having a girlfriend must be true then - i dont believe he has a sore shoulder; he is LOVE SICK and missing his girlfriend back in SA - send Irfan Pathan to SA for a holiday to regain his form. It should definitely help him a lot! He was not sent home due to his bad bowling; this is now obviously very clear to the entire world.

Anonymous said...

u cant say that Irfan has done nothing 2 merit anything since his return from SA; at least he has been the topic of conversation - him and his SA girlfriend. has provided us with a lot of news.