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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cricket's Eye-Candy

Mandira Bedi,Cricket Expert on Set Max
Guess what's the surest sign that cricket's mega-event is round the corner?

Yes, when Mandira Bedi begins to be seen in the glossies and on your daily's Page 3 every other day, you know that the World Cup can't be too far off now and that noodle-strap Bedi will soon move from the glossies into your drawing room very soon - and for a whopping one and a half months this time.

Excerpts from an interview she gave to Hindustan Times ( HT City, the Delhi city supplement)

> Mandira says she loves it when people call her Cricket Candy

> For the Caribbean calypso, we will be spared the noodle straps, i think. In Mandira's own words, her wardrobe this time is full of sassy clothes from tubes to corsets and some Satya Paul Saris. Phew.

> "I plan to have a ball at the Caribbean. I will play holi...."

> Cricket is her passion!!


if you are dumb-founded about who Ms Bedi is, well she is one of the regulars on the expert panel on Set Max, the TV channel that will be beaming the Cricket World Cup live to billions of cricket fans in India. She is already a veteran with a couple of World Cup and 4 ICC Trophies to her name. And yes, i like that skirt!!

Remember the other beauty?


holi wishes said...

Well we do have Holi just round the corner as well...and to enjoy some of the color and fun of this festival just hop over to my blog on Holi Festivities and enjoy all that's it's filled up with!!!!

omar said...

who is the other girl?

Amit Bajaj said...

that's Roshni Chopra..the Doordarshan girl ( that's the govt run tv channel, just in case doordarshan is unknown outside india)