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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cricket: From White Flannels to Coloured Pyjamas to Bikinis!!

Cricket Players in BikinisCan you guess what's common between these 2 lovely pictures?
Pictures from Australian Bikini
Besides the obvious connect between sex and cricket, and i think in that order!!, these are just 2 of the many wallpapers which gentlemen who also happen to be cricket lovers can download as wallpapers for their mobile phones!!
These is just one of the many initiatives of some very enterprising people at australianbikini.com.
Since yours truly happens to be just a free member, i couldn't explore the whole lot. You may upgrade yourself to become a gold member and enjoy the complete BIKINI CRICKET experience!
If you are in India, let me just point out this small fact for you - if you do want to stare at those lovely cricket players as you dial and receive calls from your cell, it will cost you a paltry 6 pound sterlings ( that's almost 500 indian bucks).

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