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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Letter From a Cricket Fan exiled in Kuala Lumpur...

Hi Readers,
It's a good idea sometimes to generate a good output to input ratio. And who else to look for help but your friends. There is this bunch of us cricket fans who passed out together from this b-school in Ahmedabad, India called MICA in the spring of 2001. Time and Work may have separated us geographically, but CRICKET has held us together. Sankalp Mehrotra, who is now in KL, Malaysia misses being a part of cricket-crazy India and has now begun this on-mail series of cricket-trivia which he calls 5 ouncers. Reproducing a part of the first mail from my cricket buddy...

With nothing much to do at work today and with the world cup around the corner, I would like to rekindle the spirit of a challenge amongst all the estimated prophets of the “Armchair cricketer’s forum”.

There will be five questions that I will post on a daily basis. Reply to all…I will post the correct answers the next day with the five new questions. Pls avoid any inclination to look up the web for answers.
There are no rewards, only some additional nuggets of information that we might pick up along the way.

All of you are welcome to post questions as and when you like. An animated discussion when all of us can sit together seems like a remote possibility, but we might as well not lose the passion for a game which some of us “love to watch and analyze”.

Q – What is the Fremantle doctor?

Q – Sachin and Azhar played one of the best counterattacking innings by the Indian team in second test of 1996-97 series in Cape Town. Sachin was out to a blinder plucked off thin air. Who took that catch?

Q – What is an MBE and what was the context in which it was famously used recently on in a match?

Q – Who invented the flipper?

Q – Who is the only current international player to have been timed out in a first class game? He got is ostensibly

P.S. - No disparaging remarks are allowed from those who know all the answers. Suggestions to improve, the tone, format or whatever else is welcome.
The group has been prepared basis TOM recall. Pardon is sought for any notable omissions.
Pls do keep this forum going guys!!


If you love cricket trivia or cricket quizzes, do check out CRICKET QUIZ . Will keep adding my bouncers and Sankalp's ouncers there. Answers for the above can be checked at CRICKET QUIZ ANSWERS in a day. Happy quizzing.


Homer said...

this is a swell idea sankalp and amit.

Amit Bajaj said...

thanks homer... nice to see you dropping by..

svety said...

arre bajju tu toh bilkul professional "BLOGGER" ho gaya...get my drift?

Amit Bajaj said...

and the code of ethics have been followed too..its with the express approval of mr mehrotra..but you are quite right, am quite enjoying this.

Homer said...

1. The Freemantle Doctor is the name given to the sea breeze that blows in the late afternoons in Western Australia.

2.Adam Bacher

3. Member of the British Empire - Shane Warne sledging Paul Collingwood

4. -

5 -

Amit Bajaj said...

thanks for the encouragement Homer..and sorry for the delay in posting the answers. You may now find the answers at Cricke Quiz Answers