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Friday, July 20, 2007

I told you so

Led by the animated Sreesanth, the Indian pacers have turned the first game of the series on its head. Until 20 minutes before close of play on Day 1 of this first test between India and England, the match seemed to be in the firm grip of the hosts. The Indian bowlers seemed to have completely given up, and at 252/2, the match looked already lost. How things have turned around!
RP Singh got the initial breakthrough clean bowling the night watchman, Ryan Sidebottom. That was followed by a brilliant change of bowling by Rahul Dravid. Much to the annoyance of RP Singh, he was removed in the very next over and the bowl tossed to the fiery Sreesanth. The young man delighted the captain with 3 quick wickets, and Zaheer finished off the innings managing to get Ian Bell to play one onto his stumps.
In my last post, I had raised my apprehensions about India's habit of allowing the opposition to recover through their no.7/8/9 . Fortunately, that hasn't happened at Lord's. From now on, it's upto the big 4 - ST, RD and SG will have to ensure that we cross the English score, and by a 150-200 run margin. The pitch still looks good ; if Jaffer and Karthik can somehow manage to hang in for about 18-20 overs, and see the shine off the cherry, I don't much doubt the big 3 succeeding with the bat. It will then be all upto their 4th swansong partner, Anil Kumble to drive the nails into the English coffin.


Pri said...

I don’t really care if the people on my blogroll read my blog but I get really annoyed when I visit their blogs and don’t see updates for weeks together. So there!

Amit Bajaj said...

Point taken, Miss.