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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Own your own cricket ground for peanuts !!!

lunar cricket field moon location
Can you dream of owning an Eden Gardens or a MCG ? Or if they sound too big, even something like the Mirpur or the Harare ground? ( I am assuming that Richard Branson or Bill Gates are not amongst regular readers of this blog) But here's a truly out-of-the-world offer for you - Own a cricket ground for just 25 $ !!

The moon's first cricket ground - the Dreamcricket Lunar Cricket Field - was registered with the Lunar registry this past week. The Lunar Cricket Field is located on the Near Side of the Moon in the Equatorial region, and is owned by dreamcricket.com, a US based company that is primarily into online gaming and media rights. And the price, all of 25 $ !!! So, if you are not too worried about the legalities of the sale and purchase of lunar real-estate, go ahead and own your piece of the moon, and get ready to jostle for the rights to hold the first cricket match on the moon !!

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