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Friday, July 20, 2007

India look favourites at Lord's - I'm serious.

Of all the English batsmen, the one i fear most, the one i think is capable of being the most damaging for India is undoubtedly Paul Collingwood. So, i was more than relieved to find that our potential nemesis ( he averages 68 against India ) was removed by Kumble for nought. That wicket has also almost undone the good work done by the English top order. Michael Vaughan would surely be disappointed to find the honours shared after the first day of the Lord's test, especially after his team had dominated much of today's proceedings.

When the Indian pacers don't look good, they look really bad. Zaheer and Sreesanth were insipid and wayward, and England got off to a rollicking start. ( they were averaging over 6 at the 10 over mark and even at the 20 over mark they were over 5). So, that's the second thing that would sadden Mr. Vaughan. At the close of play, the run rate has plummeted to 3.68 - not bad, you'd say, but in a match already being marred by rain, that may be crucial. One of the reasons for the Aussies relentless success has been their stress on maintaining a 4+ average, almost always allowing their bowlers plenty of time to bowl out the opposition. What's the point in piling up huge totals, if that doesn't help you win.
India has a way of letting one of the No.7, 8 or 9 pile up a huge score and let the opposition recover. If tomorrow doesn't happen to be one of those days, India are my favourites from this point. A tad optimistic that, but then I am a cricket fan, and that too a India one!*
*Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties.

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