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Friday, July 20, 2007

It's BCCI vs Cricket Australia now

After inspecting the venues for the upcoming 7 match one-day series between India and Australia, the officials of Cricket Australia have raised one of the old bogies. They are not satisfied with at least 3 grounds including Kochi. The team led by Michael Brown, Cricket Australia's General Manager, Operations has raised the obvious issues of poor facilities and ground conditions. The BCCI on the other hand, as is to be expected, is not ready to give in easily to this demand for change of grounds.
Australia is slated to play one-day internationals from September 29 to October 17 at Bangalore, Kochi, Chandigarh, Baroda, Nagpur and Mumbai. Let's see how this latest fracas shapes up.
Off the ground cricket is getting more and more exciting - more content and stronger players compared to the dip in the quality of the other cricket. With both BCCI and the ICC already fighting for the top honours here, Cricket Australia throwing in its hat in the ring can only make the cricket more interesting!!
Some ideas:
- BCCI can raise the issue of the lack of practise matches for the Indian team on their upcomin tour down under. That way, Cricket Australia can be put on the backfoot immediately.
- A super one: BCCI can let Subhash Chandra's India Cricket League (ICL) take care of the on-field cricket nonsense. That way Pawar, Shetty, Shah & Brothers can focus their energies on the actual cricket. Now that the Presidential election is done with, Pawar will have plenty of time again and will need something bigger to keep himself busy with.
- BCCI announces its own World Cup. With bigger prize monies, it can put the ICC one to shame. And we can have one every 6 months. Once in 4 years is too few.
- Sharad Pawar accepts his failure on the coach issue. A guilt-ridden BCCI President then goes on take up the responsibility himself. What's a leader who ain't ready to take some repsonsibilities. ( Of course, the cash rich board announces a whopping billion dollars or so as the coach's salary. Jagmohan Dalmiya goes mad.)
- After India's success with raising the quantity of matches in ODI series to 7 now ( even England is doing that, where the Texaco Trophies used to be a two match affair) , the BCCI can get more ambitious. Continuing on the series of prime numbers - 3, 5, 7...the next one is 11. Pawar invites Ireland or Bangladesh or maybe both for a 11 match ODI series. A leaked e-mail from Pawar to Shetty reveals Pawar's humble ambition: A grand 111 match ODI series between India and Papua New Guinea in 2011.

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