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Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of bad hair days

Guess what's common between Harsha Bhogle and Virender Sehwag?
'A Balding Pate'!
I don't know if either of them have heard of Dr. Shapiro, but if you are facing a problem of a 'regular bad hair day' and if you happen to leave in Florida or closeby then Dr. Shapiro's Hair Institute might just be the perfect solution you were looking for, for the problems on the top! Dr Shapiro has been in practise since 1989 and has performed in excesss of 1,00,00 micro mini-graft procedures. He specialized in hair-transplant surgery and for hair transplants in florida that's the place you should be headed for - he has developed a state-of-the-art method while others are still using outdated methods.
There's another unique advantage over there: they will arrange for you to talk to one of his ex-patients, so that you get to know exactly what you are getting into and expecting - talk to someone who was in the same predicament as you are right now.
Harsha, are you listening?!

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