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Monday, August 13, 2007

Live Streaming Cricket Sites: India-England One Days & Twenty20 World Cup)

Ever since the India-England series started, I have been receiving quite a few e-mails from readers asking for quality sites which will webcast Live Streaming Cricket action from the India vs England series and also for the coming Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa. These are cricket fans living outside of the major cricket nations - mainly Indians, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cricket fans living in the United States; as they don't get live TV telecast of the cricket matches in their cities. While I had always provided a link to few sites webcasting live cricket action or providing live streaming action, I thought it would benefit a lot of cricket fans if a post could be done on "Live Cricket Streaming Web Sites".
I did a fair bit of research on the net, googling google with various keyword including "live cricket streaming", "live streaming cricket", "live streaming cricket sites", "links to live cricket videos", "live streaming India-England cricket", "live streaming Twenty20 Twenty World Cup" and god knows many more such permutations and combinations. Though I have come up with a number of results for you, but the bad news is that I didn't come up with any one site that I could genuinely recommend for live cricket webcasts. These sites are all unorganised, of shoddy quality and I guess also illegal or if not illegal, at least unauthorised. However, if you are not getting your favourite game of cricket live on TV, legalities can be damned with for a while, can't it? Willow.TV is the one exception to the rule, however this site is not accessible from all geographical locations. So here goes:
1. Willow.TV
Well the tagline on the site is very clear on one thing: "The Leader in Live Cricket Video
Streaming". Among the current 'live cricket' on offer are 'India in England', 'India vs Pakistan
in Scotland' , 'Bangladesh tour of Sri Lanka', and 'West Indies tour of England'. Now, some of
these tours are well and over, and I hope for the fans that Willow.TV will give you the live
streams from the Twenty20 World Cup, because these guys look the best, and more
importantly, the others don't look good at all.
2. Action8Cricket.com
India - England 7 One-Day Package for 14.95 $
Twenty20 World Cup Package not yet announced, but i guess you can expect it here.
Review at "Richie's Blogs": "The quality ain't as good as Willow TV and after installation I
got a couple of annoying ads, but generally I am pretty happy."
The blog also recommends that for best live streaming quality, opt for Exploerer over Firefox.
3. ESPNStar.com
While this site doesn't give you streaming live cricket, it gives you good quality flash
animation of the live cricket action. More importantly, this is at least a quality and legal
source for viewing cricket.
4. LiveSportsOn.TV
Interesting and apt usage of the domain extension .TV, ain't it? Well, you will have to shell out
8.62 $ for each day of live action from the India-England series (test as well as ODIs) and
funnily enough to catch the live streaming action from the likely less engrossing India-
Scotland one-day in Glasgow on the 16th August, you need to pay almost twice that. But there
is more interesting pricing coming up: the Twenty20 World Cup action is the cheapest. Catch
live streams of cricket from South Africa on your desktop for just under 4 $ per day. That one
sounds like a good deal, what say?

5. ApnaITV.com
How much they care for accuracy and quality I could gauge from the 8 India-England ODI
package they are selling. I am assuming it's a live streaming package for the 7 India-England
one-dayers and the one between India and Scotland. This bouquet of "Live Cricket for 8
ODIs" comes for 25.98 $.
The one good thing about the ApnaITV guys was that they bothered with telling the benefits
or features of their 'live video streaming' packages. Noteworthy among the features were: 'TV
like quality at 600 kbps', 'view at full screen', ( if they had instead written 'view on small
screen' I would have surely promoted them to no.4!), 'connect to tv simply with s-video',
'no extra hardware or software required' et al.
Now there are quite a few other websites that claim to provide 'live cricket streaming videos' - some paid, some free and yet others who ask for donations only. Here are a few more that you may check out:
6. DaruChini.Com
The Bangladesh-Sri Lanka series was being webcasted live by Daru Chini, so you may like to check this site out again, though they currently make no mention of the Twenty20 World Cup or any other 'live-streaming cricket' action for that matter.
7. Watch-Live-Cricket.com
This webcaster also claims it will give you streaming live action from the Twenty20 Cricket action as well as the current India-England series.
8. Live-TV-Net.com
9. TVandSportsStreams.com
10. Last but not the least should you feel like recording the live streaming cricket videos that you are getting on your desktop, check out WMRecorder.Com
Lots of Warnings:
a) This blog is in no way connected to any of these sites, nor has it been sponsored by any one or more of them. This is just a compilation of websites which provide 'live streaming cricket' action and you are advised to check out the veracity of the claims these sites make on your own before your proceed to purchase any package they are selling.
b) I have tried my best to be as accurate while mentioning the prices and the URLs, should there be any mistake, we shall not be held responsible for it.

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