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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Herrr Warne

shane warne playing cricket for germany?

"I don't know if he would even come here, but we will try and get him over....It might be something amusing for him to do, to come over and see cricket in Germany.....I have heard he is pretty generous with his time and it would be a massive boost for us even if he just came to have a look around....He might want to trace his ancestry over here, help us with some publicity or just come and have a beer...Of course, it would be incredible if he played for us, that is clearly a long way off...But I think there is more chance of him playing for Germany than England!"

- Utterances of the excited coach of the German national Cricket Team, Keith Thompson.
( Warnie, whose mother is a German was looking to acquire a German passport to help Hampshire free the slot of an overseas player)

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