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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tendulkar's Magic Bails

In a most bizarre incident today during the 1st ODI between India and England, Tendulkar survived after the ball hit his off-stump on the full. The ball passed Tendulkar's pads, hit the top of the off stump ( no, no brushing but a proper hit - a clear sound on the stump mike), yet the bails didn't dislodge! Sunil Gavaskar, commenting for ESPN/Star Cricket remarked he had never seen such a thing before - yes, he said, the ball has in the past rolled onto the stumps harmlessly, but an impact of this force - it was a fast bowler bowling - not being able to disturb the bails was most surprising. Watch this video: ( not the best i'm afraid but it will give you a fair idea )


The Atheist said...

In Australia's 2003 tour (I think) Glen McGrath hit Angus Fraser's off-stump, the bail wobbled a bit, but that was all.

I think Gussy said something like "you'll have to bowl faster than that if you want to knock by stumps over."

Well played in the ODI, by the way. *guffaws*

Phil said...

Every year the club side that I played for used to entertain visiting touring teams. It became a tradition that we used to glue the bails onto the stumps before each game started!

You can perhaps imagine the comments that came out! All in good fun though, oh, those where the days!

Anonymous said...

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