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Friday, April 06, 2007

BCCI finalises separate Captains for India Test & One-day team

As per a report on the TV Channel India TV, the BCCI has finalised the names of the captain/s for the tour to Bangladesh. The Indian cricket teams will be lead by separate captains in Test Matches and One-dayers.
Rahul Dravid is likely to continue as the captain for the Test team, whereas Yuvraj Singh may take up the mantle in the shorter version of the game। However, it is believed that Dravid himself has said that he wants more time to think about the issue. In the event of Dravid not wishing to continue as the captain, Kumble may be the surprise captain for Tests.
On the issue of the coach, the Board made an offer to Sandeep Patil for the Bangladesh tour, but like Dravid, Patil has also asked for time to think over the offer। Reportedly, Patil is interested in a longer term, something which the board is not keen to offer right now. Again, the name of Ravi Shastri has been proposed as the manager of the Indian cricket team for the Bangladesh tour.
So, lots of names being thrown around. I guess, the situation would be clearer only in a couple of days.


Ottayan said...

How does Yuvaraj figure in this?
I dont think he has any leadership qualities.

Amit Bajaj said...

I agree with you completely, but the problem is I don't know anyone I can impress in the BCCI and change the decision.

The only hope is that this is an unconfirmed news. May it never happen.

Khondaker Mirazur Rahman said...

Hey! Amit.
In most media outlets Yuvraj's name is not mentioned. They are only saying about Dravid and Shahstri. I am bit confused after reading your post.