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Monday, April 02, 2007

Shane, Simone, Brooke, Jackson & Summer

"Amid speculations that Australian leg spinner Shane Warne and his wife Simone are on their way to a reunion after more than a year of separation, nearly 77 percent of women interviewed in a poll conducted said that Simone should not patch up with him."

News is that master-spinner Shane Warne has managed to spin his way back into estranged wife Simone Callaghan's life. After retiring from Australian cricket this year when Australia defeated England to reclaim the Ashes, Warne described Ms Callahan as "his rock". Looks like his efforts at wooing back Simone have finally succeeded.
The couple are reportedly planning to shift to Hampshire, where Warne has 2 more years of cricket left to play for the county. Simone has enrolled her children (Brooke, Summer and Jackson) in local schools in the United Kingdom. Also with them will be a football coach for one of their children, who will double up as the male nanny for the kids. Looking back at Shane's past, England is a brave and interesting choice on Simone's part to begin this fresh chapter !!

Here's wishing Mr. & Mrs. Warne a very happy married life, part 2.
If you are very rich and have an interest in Cricket memorabilia, there's a great souvenir up for the grabs - Shane's family mansion in Middle Crescent, Brighton is up for auction. (Estate agent Jonathan Dixon said the property, with tennis court and heated outdoor pool is expected to fetch between $9 million and $10 million, would now be marketed more aggressively.)

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