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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Get high on life, and not the Shoaib Akhtar way

Remember Nandrolone? That's what Shoaib Akhtar ingested to get into trouble. The problem is he ain't the only one - just a bad shining example. While Akhtar and Ben Johnson and many other sportsmen may have popped those pills or injected themselves for enhanced performance, there are many, many others who do it for a momentary high. What one doesn't realize, or ignores is that the momentary 'high' is followed by a long 'low'.
Drug addiction is a problem - one of the biggest ones which affects the world today, especially the youth. But there is hope - it's not incurable. Proper treatment can rid one of this habit, once and for all - and you can lead a perfectly healthy life post the treatment. One of the finest drug addiction treatment places is Stone Hawk. So if you know someone who is addicted, let him know that there is help available - at Narconon Stone Hawk. So, let the healing begin and start a fresh, new chapter in life.
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