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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cricket Manger vs Coach

Just yesterday, the shenaginans in the BCCI had very wisely raised a question-mark on the role of a coach. I was suitably impressed that someone is finally asking the basic questions - imagine we were paying millions of dollars to coaches, and we didn't know what he was supposed to do.

Anyways, the mistake had been rectified and the BCCI told us that at Cricket's highest level, one doesn't need a coach. "No one can coach a player at the top level", said a top BCCI official. "All that this person needs to do is plan strategies and create a healthy, disciplined atmosphere in the team." So, we were introduced to a new designation called "Cricket Manager", and Ravi Shastri was offered the role for the Bangladesh tour. So far, so good.

In an about turn today, while the "Cricket Manager" concept was retained, the BCCI announced two new coaches for the Indian team - Venkatesh Prasad will be the bowling coach and Robin Singh will be the bowling coach !!

Will someone in the BCCI throw some light on these new twists n turns? Either we need a coach, or we don't need a coach. Is the "Cricket Manager" the batting coach? Or will Ravi be the batting coach, the chief coach and the manager rolled into one? With the Mumbai lobby clearly on the top in the current scheme of things at the BCCI, and Ravi being one smart cookie, it will not be surprising if he has worked out a super-role for himself. The fear is that the captain's role and status will only be further diminished. No wonder, Dravid wants to think over the captaincy offer.

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