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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bangladesh put West Indies out of Twenty20 World Cup

Mohammed Ashraful, Bangladesh cricketerBangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful recorded the fastest 5o in the history of Twenty20 Cricket to send West Indies tumbling out of the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup. Only a little earlier Ashraful must have been a disheartened man as he gave away 24 runs off the 19th over of the Windies innings - West Indies had put up a most lackadaisical batting display and it was only a late flurry of runs that allowed them to reach a respectable score.

Sarwan may have been thinking that 164 should be enough for the West Indies to stop Bangladesh and as they lost early wickets things looked bright and hopeful for him. At 28/2 Ashraful walked in to bat and by the time he walked out, after having played just 27 balls, the match was as good as over for West Indies. It was a most delightful innings studded with 2 of the cutest 6's ever hit on a cricket field. Dougie Marillier would have definitely been proud of Ashraful today!!
Ian Chappell had conjectured yesterday about the possibility of Bangladesh upsetting one of the two teams in its pool and was proved right in less than a day. Two big upsets in two days and the Twenty20 World Cup is generating some serious excitement and crowd interest already - unlike the other World Cup which happened earlier this year. More interestingly a bigger upset may be on the cards - if England beat Australia, which i would think is at least a 50:50 possibility, that will send the favourites Aussies packing back home. Now that will be some good fun!!!!


Uncle J rod said...

That ashraful kid is good. de Silva good, he could be a very important player in the history of world cricket.

Amit Bajaj said...

Yes Uncle rod , that kid is good..a gem ..but the problem with Ashraful is that he has one good innnings a year or less. if he can multiply the number of innings by 7 or 8 that will be a good thing.

Thanks for visiting my blog...that allowed me to visit your profile page. That's now amongst my favourite 'cricket stories'!!