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Saturday, September 15, 2007

India defeat Pakistan 3 - 0 !!!!!!

A wonderful game of cricket ended in a bit of a farce, though I didn't mind the extended fun one bit. In a see-saw battle between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, the plank finally came to a rest parallel with the cricket field as Misbah-ul-haq failed to get the final single that would have sealed the match for his team. But that was only after Misbah-ul-haq got Pakistan back into the game from a hopeless situation with some brilliant power hitting in the 48th and 49th overs.
The match would have ended with both teams tied at 141, but for the introduction of the new 'Bowl-Out' system to determine who gets the 2 points for the match. While the bowl-out did look a kind of a joke, Mahendra Singh Dhoni needs to be complimented for getting the choice of bowlers right. Two of the three bowlers who hit the stumps were not regular bowlers, in fact they hadn't bowled a single ball in the match earlier. No wonder both Sehwag and Uthappa were thrilled with their efforts.
India vs Pakistan, Durban, September 14th 2007
Scores: India - 141/9 and Pakistan 141/7


Ottayan said...

Come on, have a heart. How can you call a bowl out a farce?

Uncle J rod said...

How come i had to watch the most boring one day game of all time, aus vs eng, and you guys got to watch a bowl off.

Was it exciting?

Amit Bajaj said...

Hey Ottayan...just visited you blog..so that bowl-out non-farce(?) has prompted you to think that India and Australia are at par!! Even if the bowl-out was not a farce, that surely is.

Uncle Rod, we denizens of the subcontinent are a most fortunate lot...after all we have a million+ gods with us while you manage with much fewer...and for a bowl-out you need to be really blessed!!!

Uncle J rod said...

Well in fact I'm an atheist, so i have even fewer than few. And yet i manange to stuble through quite well.

Animesh Chandra Bain said...

India hold its tradition of victory

Amit Bajaj said...

yes it does...and how!!