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Saturday, September 01, 2007

More ICL News

1. Damien Martyn joins the Indian Cricket League, becoming the first Australian cricketer to join the breakaway Indian League. The reported sum being offered for a 3 year contract is Rs. 1.2 crores. Dean Jones, who is already on the board of ICL did the mediation and bagged this trophy for the ICL in the same week that the Australia captain (ICC!!) Rickey Ponting berated the ICL. However, another of Ponting's colleague, Adam Gilchrist has spoken laudingly of the ICL: it's to be noted that Gilchrist is not exactly young and would be an ultimate prize-catch for the Zee League.
2. An American company has pledged 10 million $ of sponsorship amount to the ICL 'to involve
the non-resident Indian population' in the game.
3. Rohan, sof the head of the BCCI-Cricket League, Sunil Gavaskar is negotiating/bargaining with the ICL. (reported source: Kiran More)
4. Andrew Hall has quit International Cricket.
5. Shane Bond is contemplating whether to purchase finanical security for his young family for life by signing the 1,800,000 $ 3 year contract offered by the ICL.

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