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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Twenty20 World Cup Schedule with Predictions (HTML Improved Version!!)

Hi! I always a felt little envious of other bloggers who knew and understood HTML more than me - always wondering how they so easily cross out things and just have a little more fun than I had. Further Blogger.com always troubled me with the formatting part, often driving me nuts over small little things. So i decided to take the plunge and here i am - all improved!!

Now I've learnt to make tables and little cells and to celebrate this latest acquisition of knowledge here's my plan to show it off. I'm going to do another post on the "Twenty20 World Cup Schedule" and to add a bit of twist, this comes with my set of predictions. This format should be easier for readers to grasp; am doing it for the First Round now and will add the second round later. So here i go...

First Round

Match Venue Date Match Start Time (GMT) My Result Prediction
West Indies vs South Africa Johannesburg September 11 1600 West Indies
Kenya vs NewZealand Durban September 12 0800 NewZealand
Pakistan vs Scotland Durban September 12 1200 Pakistan
Australia vs Zimbabwe Capetown September 12 1600 Australia
Bangladesh vs West Indies Johannesburg September 13 0800 West Indies
England vs Zimbabwe Capetown September 13 1200 England
India vs Scotland Durban September 13 1600 India
Kenya vs Sri Lanka Johannesburg September 14 0800 Sri Lanka
Australia vs England Capetown September 14 1200 England
India vs Pakistan Durban September 14 1600 India
NewZealand vs Sri Lanka Johannesburg September 15 1200 Sri Lanka
South Africa vs Bangladesh Capetown September 15 1600 South Africa


AverageJoe said...

good show man...it's never too late to learn. and thanks for the tmngs..had been confused if the timings given everywhere were local or indian or gmt or something else

Parul said...

Hey bajaj - as expected, my comment has got nothing to do with cricket! the cells needed to understand this game and the passion that it inspires are...well...missing in my case.(though I do believe that if given the chance I could understand those diamond studded cricket balls really, really well). But dude, this is one hell of a cool blog!! Maybe I could take some tips on HTML to begin with :) I will be coming back all the time to check it out. Carry on, Bajaj!

Amit Bajaj said...

Thanks so much Parul...for all the appreciation. This blog loves its 'non-cricket' fans just a bit more than its 'cricket fans'!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
To make a comment on Pakistan and india match is pridiction soo early so it is better to wait till the last ball of the match