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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is India's new ODI Captain

The news channels are abuzz with news of Twenty20 captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's selection as the new India cricket captain - for the time being, for one-dayers only. Apparently, Sachin Tendulkar declined the captaincy offer which was first made to him. On the recent England tour Sachin had remarked on the increasing time his body was taking to recover from the ravages of a one-day match and it's therefore hardly any surprise that the maestro didn't take up the challenge thrown to him in the late evening of his career.
While this news is not official - the BCCI is yet to make a formal announcement, it is most unlikely to be a rumour. Dhoni's elevation to ODI captaincy was widely expected, while Sachin may take up the role for the challenging test series against Australia and Pakistan. For Dhoni, who had described his ascension to the T2o skipper's postion as a fairy-tale come true, this one will surely be a dream come true. ( assuming Dream > Fairy-Tale !!! )
However, the lack of discussion or buzz around Saurav Ganguly's name is mysterious, considering that unlike Sachin, he was a big success as captain of India. What's more - Sachin has already been given 2 chances in the past and a 3rd run as captain would have very few precedents across the world, if there are any.

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