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Friday, March 16, 2007

6 x 6 = 36 : Gibbs does it !!!

It's the ultimate dream of every cricketer, the thing fans often talk about romantically, think of, but had never before happened in over a hundred years of International Cricket history. It has finally happened today - yes, Six Sixes in Six Balls of a single over!!
In South Africa's first outing in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, at Warner Park, St. Kitts, Herschelle Gibbs smashed 36 runs off a single six-ball over from Netherland's Van Bunge. Phew!!
Ravi Shastri (off Baroda bowler Tilak Raj) and Gary Sobers (off Malcolm Nash playing for Glamorgarn, which incidentally is Shastri's county team) have done it before but these were first class matches. Gibbs is the first one to hit six sixes in international cricket.
Even as I write this, it's raining sixes in Warner Park and record tumbling - Gibbs is gone, but Boucher is partying and partying hard..

Ball-by-ball commentary for the over from Cricinfo

van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Violence! Gibbs charged down the track and hoicked it over long on.
van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Murder! Floated on the leg and middle stump line and Gibbs sends it soaring over long-off.
van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Carnage! Flatter one this time but it makes no difference to Gibbs. He just stands there and delivers. This one also has been sucked over long off
van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Wah Wah! Low full toss and guess where this went Yep. A slap slog and it went over deep midwicket! He is going to go for 6 sixes in this over!
van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Short in length, on the off stump line and Gibbs rocks back and swat-pulls it over wide long off. SImply amazing. What a batsman. This is pure violence!
van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, He has done it! One-day record. No one has hit six sixes in a row. GIbbs stands alone in that zone. And the minnow bashing continues! Full and outside off and bludgeoned over long off

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