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Monday, March 05, 2007

Chinese interest in Kenya's World Cup prosects!!

Below i reproduce excerpts from one of the top stories from the Sports section of the People's Daily Online.

"Kenya's cricket team sets off for World Cup in Caribbean...where they look forward to silencing their critics just as they did in 2003.....The East Africans are in a group with Canada, who they thrashed in the recently concluded inaugural ICC World Cricket League Division 1, England, who are hardly one-day goliaths, and New Zealand....They have a great chance to reach the Super Eights and dump on one of the big boys en route."
It goes on to inform about their campaign in detail even bothering to include the fact that begin their tour with a warm-up match against the West Indies at Trelawny, Trinidad.
Amongst the other top stories was a mention of a cricket tournament about to begin in Thailand - the country's first inter-regional tournament. It has the backing of the Asian Cricket Council. And very surprisingly, there's no mention of any mainstream cricket per se - no more news from the World Cup or about India or Australia or England. Isn't it interesting yet intriguing, that China should be so interested in Cricket that it bothers to read about Kenya's prospects in the World Cup, but not too interested in the rest of the tournament!!


Homer said...

dovetails nicely with all the pro-Africa moves the Peoples Republic has been making over the last year or so.

shakester said...

thats very interesting, and very odd!