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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cricket World Cup Live on Set Max, SAB and PIX

Sony Entertainment Television Network has announced the schedule for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 to be shown on its channels SET MAX, SAB and PIX.
The popular programme "extraaa innings" will kick-start coverage from 5 p.m. India Standard Time every evening. As per the telecast schedule, all group stage matches will be aired live on various channes of the Sony network MAX, SAB and PIX, with the Super Eight matches, semis and finals simulcast on MAX and SAB, in English and Hindi, respectively.

March 13: West Indies vs. Pakistan (Live on MAX)
March 14: Australia vs. Scotland (Live on MAX)
Kenya vs. Canada (Live on SAB)
March 15: Sri Lanka vs. Bermuda (MAX)
Zimbabwe vs. Ireland (SAB)
March 16: England vs. New Zealand (MAX)
South Africa vs. Netherlands (SAB)
March 17: India vs. Bangladesh (MAX & SAB)
Pakistan vs. Ireland (PIX)
March 18: Australia vs. The Netherlands (MAX)
England vs. Canada (SAB)
March 19: India vs. Bermuda (MAX and SAB)
West Indies vs. Zimbabwe (PIX)
March 20: New Zealand vs. Kenya (MAX)
South Africa vs. Scotland (SAB)
March 21: Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh (MAX)
Zimbabwe vs. Pakistan (SAB)
March 22: New Zealand vs. Canada (MAX)
Scotland vs. The Netherlands (SAB)
March 23: India vs. Sri Lanka (MAX and SAB)
West Indies vs. Ireland (PIX)
March 24: Australia vs. South Africa (MAX)
England vs. Kenya (SAB)
March 25: Bermuda vs. Bangladesh (MAX)

Second stage: Super Eight Schedule
(expected pairings, provided there are no upsets, all matches Live on MAX and SAB): March 27 to April 21
March 27: West Indies vs. Australia
April 10: West Indies vs. S Africa
March 28: South Africa vs. Sri Lanka
April 11: England vs. India
March 29: West Indies vs. New Zealand
April 12: Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand
March 30: Pakistan vs. England
April 13: Australia vs. Pakistan
March 31: Australia vs. India
April 14: S Africa vs. New Zealand
April 1: West Indies vs. Sri Lanka
April 15: India vs. Pakistan
April 2: India vs. New Zealand
April 16: Australia vs. Sri Lanka
April 3: Pakistan vs. South Africa
April 17: South Africa vs. England
April 4: England vs. Sri Lanka
April 18: Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka
April 7: India vs. South Africa
April 19: West Indies vs. India
April 8: Australia vs. England
April 20: Australia vs. New Zealand
April 9: Pakistan vs. New Zealand
April 21: West Indies vs. England

Semifinals (on MAX and SAB): April 24 & 25

Final (on MAX and SAB): April


India Shining said...

Are you playing the World Cup on rediff.com?

Take a look.


P.S. My points are on India picking the cup!

Pri said...

Are they all going to be day matches? Any idea?

Amit Bajaj said...

yes, all day matches

Cricket Crazy said...
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Kuldeep Narain said...

Mandira Bedi has a nice face and overall a very attractive lady, but she looks a caricature in her 'bare shoulder' dresses. Somebody should tell her that bare shoulders don't look good on ladies having square shoulders. She does not have attractive and feminine shoulders.

Amit Bajaj said...

wonder what Satya Paul is doing or telling her!!

Kuldeep Narain said...

Amit, who is Satya Paul?!

Amit Bajaj said...

isn't he Mandira Bedi's designer?

Kuldeep Narain said...

Oh yes, you are right Amit.
He could be a good designer, but I guess not a very good judge as to what fits best on Madira Bedi!

Kuldeep Narain said...

Some more on Mandria Bedi's dress sense! Don't you think 'extraas' kgs that she has picked up, since her last appearance, are more than perceptible from her bare shoulders!

Amit Bajaj said...

that might just be deliberate..a ploy to boost TRPs in south India..we all know how our fellow countrymen down south love those buxom beauties!!

Kuldeep Narain said...

Dear Mandira,
You are on the right track at long last. Even with one shoulder covered you look so elegant and beautiful. India celebrated it by scoring world's highest one day score! Try convering the other one too. I am sure it will earn you many more admirers and you never know the World Cup too!

ramesh said...

On Extraa Innings,Ian Chappel has said that they shud get the ICC to Check on Sri Lanka as to why they have left out Murali and Vass fr todays Match aginst Australia,are his comments very childish ?