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Monday, March 05, 2007

Early Trends

The first World Cup Warm-ups have begun, and the early trends are interesting....

Ireland is rocking the Protean boat - Smith, Kallis, DeVilliers, Gibbs and Prince are all gone and the score is just 64. Langford Smith has claimed 3 wickets for the Irish.

In Bridgetown, Barbados where tournament contenders Sri Lanka are battling the other English neighbour, the Scots are managing to keep the fiery Jayasuriya under supreme control. 10 overs gone, Lanka has not lost a wicket yet, the score is just 36. Hoffman's first spell reads 5-1-11-0.

England has however recovered after a couple of early jitters against Bermuda. Pietersen and Collingwood have managed to steady the ship and the score now reads a decent 125/3.

Exagerrated Summary:
1. Minnows will create a flutter in the World Cup Cricket 2007
2. United Kingdom will rule!!

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