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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bob Woolmer passes away

Just got this really sad news..
Bob Woolmer had been found lying unconscious in his hotel room a few hours back and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the news that has just come in is the worst one - the Pakistan Coach has passed away.
Pakistan cricket is not in the best of health, and only yesterday, they made an early exit from the 2007 World Cup after an upset loss against Ireland. Since then, speculations were being made about the future of captain Inzamam and Bob in Pakistan cricket. Back in Pakistan, there was huge hue and cry over the loss, and the mobs had hit the streets in Inzy's home-town shouting ugly slogans like, "Death to Bob Woolmer, death to Inzamam, death to Nasim Ashraf, the police should arrest them". So, it can be presumed that Bob must have been under a lot of stress since the loss.
We still do not know the exact reasons for the death - but whatever the medical reports may say, one thing is beyond doubt that the reactions of the Pakistani fans back home have always bordered on the insane. Criticisms and sudden irrational reactions are understandable - but only upto a certain limit. When players homes are set to fire or brickbats hurled at their residences, that limit is crossed. It has happened before and it's happening again - in fact, we all knew it and we expected. Whenever Pakistan loses a major tournament outside home, we in India always have a hearty laugh saying the players are unlikely to fly back home direct. But that's where it should stop - Cricket is afterall just a sport, and no more. That fact needs to be realised - and if there are a few hooligans who don't understand that after a warning or two, the Pakistani authorities need to take sterner reactions.
You might just think that I'm overreacting - that this is an emotional outburst - it may be one, but what the hell, I'm making a point, and a right one at that. So that should be okay.


mo said...

As a Pakistani fan, this is sad news.

Bob Woolmer was a great coach, with many pioneering ideas. Not just that, but a nice person. That was the main thing about him. I was just listening to a story on one of the Pakistani news channels, and one of the commentators said that whenever any Pakistani player would go to South Africa, he would invite them to his home. He even invited the Pakistani team for dinner during the SA tour.

He was willing to adapt to any culture. The main thing I liked about him was his relationship with the Pakistani players, you can tell through their coaching sessions, and photos what a relationship they had. It was a relationship of friendship.

He kept his own website and always tried to answer cricket fans questions.

He kept his own blog on cricinfo to keep fans updated, and about his ideas of the game of cricket.

He kept himself dignified throughout the various controversies in Pakistani cricket.

From what I saw, he was a true Gentleman.

Bob Woolmer condolence book

Abhigyan said...

I agree with you..We were so distraught yesterday for Pak, and now this...

Was not such a great fan of Woolmer the coach, but still..a shock..Sports should be sports, not life & death..

shakester said...

you're not overreacting dude. I feel really strongly on this too- these so called fans have no place in sport. they're pathetic.

Amit Bajaj said...

thanks for the support guys.

the sane voices need to chorus out the din of insanity.