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Saturday, March 10, 2007

See what Cricinfo does for an extra click

"We fear England but can win the World Cup - Lara"
This was the headline of one of the leading stories on today's/yesterday's Cricinfo - obviously intended to get you curious - as to what makes Brian Lara think so higly of England's chances. Obviously, i got interested and clicked on this link to read the whole story. Look, what i got - a page long interview, of which i am reproducing the all-important excerpt.

"Cricinfo:Speaking of England, do they have a chance?
Lara:Yeah, most definitely. The fact they took something away from the Australian tour, even if it wasn't the Ashes themselves... well, it augurs well for the World Cup. They beat Australia in Australia, so they'll go into the World Cup with huge confidence. If Kevin Pietersen can return and Michael Vaughan is back and fully fit, England are capable of competing with and beating the very best in the world. You'd be stupid to ever write them off."

An excerpt from an online interview done by Cricinfo's Nick Harper with Brian Lara - in the interview Lara clearly says that he still considers Australia as favourites for the title, but calling Australia favourites is too boring and unsaleable an idea, so Cricinfo chose to blow-up this England bit well out of proportion. Maybe, this was the idea even before the interview began, and hence the leading question. No point blaming Cricinfo much though, as this kind of misrepresentation of facts has become an acceptable practise in modern day journalism - and this is hardly the worst example.

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