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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

(: Team India :)

Indian News Channels (especially the Hindi ones), the Men in Blue, Indian cricket fans and the Board of Control for Cricket in India together make for one heady combination. Together, they have currently produced the world's most interesting and active rumour mill !! Rumours, especially when they come very cleverly mixed with facts sell like nothing else - and we are all buying them, big time now.

- "Dravid and Chappell will be sacked": unconfirmed BCCI sources. This easiest of the guesses has been mentioned in various media, some also going further mentioning the names of Yuvraj or Sachin, depending on whom they fancy.

- "Chappell bids adieu to Team India. He had an emotional good-bye chat with the guys in Trinidad." ( Aaj Tak)
- Sharad Pawar says strong action will be taken, and strong decision too.
- Sharad Pawar says everyone is over-reacting. It's just a match lost, nothign more. Do the English fans react like this after their team loses? "Media responsible for the team's loss." ( This one I heard myself, again on Aaj Tak)

- Just saw it on the telly: An Aaj Tak reporter on the Mumbai streets provoking fans. Guess what he asked? " Aap log cricket team ka kaise swagat karenge?" (How do you plan to welcome the Indian cricket team?)
- Suddenly today I noticed unusual interest in my blog on the NKP Salve Challenger Trophy. Apparently Pawar mentioned on TV about the Indian cricket board thinking of the idea of 2 cricket teams - India Seniors and India Blues. So there were quite a few people looking for the composition of the India Blues and that's how they reached the section on the India Blues team in the Challenger।
- On India TV, a footage from somewhere in central India showed a cricket fan frantically beating his chest, mourning the death of Indian cricket। Also the expected calls for boycotting products endorsed by cricket celebrities.
- Lots more. Just tune in to India TV / Aaj Taj / Star News or any other hindi news channel that you get. If not, try the world wide web.

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Krish Srikkanth said...

Hi there, great site. Very thorough coverage of the post-defeat reactions, too. Keep up the good work! You should definitely continue with the cricket blogging. I would be happy to read more entries and even link back to your blog from mine via the blogging contest I'm judging, in association with Google.

Send in your entry and I will be thrilled to keep pace!