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Monday, March 26, 2007

An outside chance?

Bangladesh have lost 3 quick wickets, the score 37/3 and the batters are looking real shaky। Can India sneak in through the back door?
Abhi and Vinod - just the other day we were talking about upward revision of totals following the employment of Duckworth-Lewis. And it's happened today - Bermuda scored 94, but Bangladesh need 96 to win. (For Net Run Rate calculations, Bermuda's score will be treated as 95 now.)


Vinod said...

Yes, it basically happens every time the innings of a team batting first is interrupted and overs are reduced. And the total increases a lot more if you had wickets in hand. If Bermuda had lost only 1 or 2 wickets before the final resumption, Bdesh would have been chasing something like 120. Anyway, its clear at least :)

Abhigyan said...

Wow..blogging does lead, or create public opinion...Did you fix it?

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