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Thursday, March 01, 2007

World Cup Losing Pace...

Brett Lee was already gone, and now the Pakistan Cricket Board has announced that Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif won't go either. Razzaq is gone too...
I am really and seriously worried about the past and future of Pakistan cricket now...they seem to be going further back and back, literally. First, they resurrected Azhar Mahmood out of nowhere and now they have also recalled Mohammad Sami..at this rate, i just hope we don't see Wasim Akram moving out from the commentary box onto the greens.
Though I wonder what the real reasons behind the ouster of Akhtar and Asif is. Can you blame me for thinking it's more to do with some powdery substances rather than injuries?
Matt Hayden & Andrew Symonds should be satisfied with PCB now. Describing Akhtar's inclusion as not fair, Hayden couldn't stop himself from remarking (they had been specifically asked by Cricket Australia to keep their big mouths shut over this) that " It's a laughable point among our players because we've worked very hard to be clean with athletes. It's ludicrous and it's not very fair."

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