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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Scotching Australia

"It's 11 against 11 - if we can bowl and bat to our plans and put them under pressure we've got a chance of causing a shock."
- Majid Haq, Scotland All-rounder

Way to go, Mr. Haq. Me, a certain Mr. Sunil Gavaskar, at least one reader of this blog and the entire northern hemisphere and most of south too is right behind you. Go get them. Come hard at the Aussies - they are down in the dumps already. Bangladesh has done it before, can't see why Scotland cannot. Ask Glenn to sledge back, if need be - afterall he was born in the homeland of sledging. He should be able to teach Ponting and his mates a thing or two!

ps: I'm just kidding, and still very much a gentleman. And, cricket is our game. Not the sledgers'.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007: Group A, Scotland vs Australia, March 14th 2007 - Warner Park, St. Kitts.
Glenn Rogers, Scotland bowler was born in Australia.

Pakistan lost to West Indies in Match 1 at Sabina Park, Jamaica - 13th March, MOM: Dwayne Smith, WI won by 54 runs. Tomorrow's second match: Canada vs Kenya, St Lucia (Group C)


svety said...

ur blog gets more interesting every day...

Amit Bajaj said...

thanks svety...
i had 2500 visits to this blog yesterday and I will never forget how and where it all started..at a blog/gger bashing session at your place!! My ambition in life is to elicit a comment from your hubby!